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  • We are a Science & Research based Pre-IVF, Optimal Fertility & Hormone Health Clinic based in Cork, Ireland & specialising in: 

  • Egg Quality Enhancement 

  • Sperm Quality Enhancement

  • Uterine Receptivity Enhancement

  • Hormone Health Enhancement

  • As a Biomedical Nutrition, Functional Medicine & Lifestyle Guidance clinic we work face-to-face and via video-link with clients in Ireland and worldwide. 


  • We strive to continually deliver a service of excellence through science-based protocols that aim to optimise IVF success and reproductive function and manage related gynaecological issues.

“Having struggled to produce good quality eggs for our third IVF cycle we visited Liadh and her clinic four months before our 4th IVF cycle.  Liadh put us on a 3-month Pre-IVF programme that followed an egg quality protocol and to our amazement and utter joy we produced SIXTEEN good eggs, two of which fertilised, one of whom is now called Eve!”

J&R, Cork

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Fertility Health Clinic believes there is a lack of Pre-IVF and Pre-Conception care offered to women and couples whose goal it is to  conceive either via IVF or naturally.  Bridging the gap between IVF-treatments, other medical treatments, gynae dysfunction and you, we support our clients nutritionally, emotionally and physically with the aim of optimising reproductive health and IVF-success. 


Research shows us that women, men and couples struggling with fertility issues wish to avail of protocols aimed at: optimising egg quality; optimising sperm quality and; optimising uterine receptivity.  This makes perfect sense, because by producing the very best of reproductive cells you are working towards giving yourself the very best chance of conceiving and becoming a parent!


As a nutritionally focused and science based clinic, our protocols are based on the latest and most up to date information available, as are any tests we use in-clinic.


So, if you are undergoing IVF or are struggling to conceive, you should consider adding us to your healthcare protocol in order to enhance you chances of success.


Wishing you the very best of luck on your journey towards parenthood.


Liadh Fitzgerald, MSc.,

mIFM, mBANT, Lic. Ac., ND., Dip. NT 

Director & Founder, Fertility Health Clinic